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A kayaker paddles slowly through a placid lake with a blue sky above and a verdant treeline in the background


Work n' Sport work boots and shoes are all about durability, comfort, and flexibility. If you're looking for boots to fit your hardworking, active life, then Work n' Sport's work boots have you covered.

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Men's Wedge Moc Soft Toe Boot

Comfortable, durable soft toe boots that work with you all day, every day.

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A man in a kayak with hunting gear and nice outdoor shoes
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Men's Wedge Moc Soft Toe Boot - "Forms to your foot for all day comfort"

"Once these were broken in after a few days on the job, they were the most comfortable pair of work boots I'd had in a long time. They're durable, but after 4 years on the job (I walk a lot at work), the soles are worn flat and now I need a new pair!"


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Who Makes Work n' Sport Work Boots

Hard work is rooted deeply in Midwestern tradition. Since you work hard, you expect your work boots to do the same. Work n' Sport is proud to offer durable, comfortable work boots.

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