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Choosing The Right Workwear

No matter the job field you work in, Work n' Sport has a wide selection of men's workwear that will work as hard as you do.


Let's talk about how to get the right workwear for any job with Work n' Sport.

Choosing the right workwear comes down to a few things: season, material, work guidelines, style, and cost. No matter your line of work, these things will factor into what kind of workwear your choose.

At Work n' Sport, we offer quality men's workwear you'll be able to depend on as your go-to. You work hard and your workwear should, too. Shopping for workwear is a process.

Most guys acquire their work wardrobe one quality piece at a time. For a working man, choosing the best workwear is an important long term investment that should be considered carefully.


At Blain's Farm & Fleet, you can choose from a wide selection of men's workwear and women's workwear, all to fit your needs.

Different seasons and weather call for different workwear. In the summer months, look for clothes that are light and breathable.

Especially in the Midwest, where we make our hay, weather conditions in your work environment can vary pretty wildly. I've even seen rain start pouring from a sunny blue sky a couple of times working in the field here in Rock County, Wisconsin.

If your area is anything like the Midwest, you'll want to accumulate a wide array of workwear that can stand the test of time. Try to stick to a quality workwear brand like Work n' Sport.

We started as a work clothing brand to provide great quality work gear at an affordable price for the working man.

Choose the right work clothes and materials to fit the season.


Moisture-wicking material wicks sweat away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout warm workdays in late spring and summer. A short-sleeve work shirt might be your best bet for keeping cool.

In the colder months, you'll want to properly layer your work clothing. Thermal underwear is a great base layer, especially if you'll be working outside for long periods of time.

Coveralls and bibs will also keep you nice and toasty in the frigid cold. A proper work coat or jacket will give you an outside layer. Your work coat should keep your protected from the elements so you can focus on the job, not how cold you are. Don't forget a work hat to keep your head warm, too.

During the rainy seasons, you'll also want some rain gear. Keep your work boots clean and dry with rubber overshoes.

I usually try to buy my next piece one season ahead of time so I'm ready to go if, for example, winter weather comes a little early.


Flame Resistant

If you work as a welder, electrician, utility locator or somewhere in between, you'll need flame resistant workwear. Flame resistant clothing self-extinguishes, creating a safer work place.

If you're a welder, metal worker, or auto repair technician, and you're going to spend a lot of time around hot metal, flammable substances, and sparks. Best to be prepared and protected against the unexpected.


Waterproof clothing prevents water from getting through. Not only will waterproof workwear keep you dry in the rain, but it's also great for snowy weather, too.

Mother nature might not necessarily be on the same page with your foreman, so you should always have some waterproof workwear on hand just in case you need to get the job done in less than ideal conditions.

Flannel & Quilt Lining

You can still have the ruggedness of denim jeans with the warmth of flannel with lined jeans. Flannel-lined jeans are perfect for when you're working outside in harsh conditions. Quilt-lined jackets provide warmth without the bulk of thick materials.

Nothing can make a job more miserable than cold weather. There's an old saying that goes "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." Make sure you get the good stuff. Flannel lined and quilt lined workwear is really good stuff.

Work Guidelines & Safety

ANSI guidelines

Many industries have standards or guidelines for their workers in regards to clothing. One of the most common ANSI standards relates to high-visibility clothing. Hi-vis clothing is worn by construction workers, highway workers and more.

Different jobs require varying amounts of hi-vis clothing; some require merely a hi-vis vest, while others require pants and a shirt or jacket.

Work Gloves

A sturdy, reliable pair of work gloves will protect your hands on the job. You want gloves that fit securely and snug, but still give you mobility. Finding the best work gloves depends on the finding the best material for the job.

We believe in worker safety here at Work n' Sport. It's serious stuff, so take it into account when you're shopping for your workwear and stay safe out there.

Style Matters (Sometimes)

Be true to yourself. Use what works best for you, your job, and your work style.

If your job doesn't have a dress code, you can choose your workwear to express yourself. Some guys will wear a T-shirt and a good pear of breathable wide leg pants, which shows they want to stay comfortable so they can be 100% focused on the task at hand.

Others need to dress it up a little. A nice tucked-in flannel or button-up shirt with some khakis and a leather belt to make a good impression on clients and customers.

Bottom line here is, you know your job and you know what you like, so choose workwear that fits your style.

Brand Offers

Any time you can save a little coin on your workwear purchase and still get the quality the job demands, it's a win.

Look for workwear with good deals or prices. Work n' Sport workwear ships free on orders of $49 or more. Add that to the already affordable prices that our founders Bert and Claude Blain would be proud of, and you're in business.

Whether you're looking for a good pair of bibs or a new pair of leather gloves to replace the ones that finally bit the dust, Work n' Sport has what you need to get the job done.

We offer comfortable, durable workwear at prices you'll love.