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How to Keep Your Work Gloves in Good Condition

Keeping men's work gloves in good condition is a must. Get the most out of your gloves with our helpful tips to keep them in top shape!


Work gloves are an investment, and taking good care of them will only make them last longer. Disposable gloves have their time and place, but there's just nothing like a good pair of dependable, durable work gloves on the job.

Especially with good quality workwear that's built to last, you'll want to take the time to clean and care for it. Since they last so long, they can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and grime just from the sheer hours they get in at the jobsite.

Giving them a good wash from time to time will help keep them looking good, and keep them in good condition so they can continue to protect your hands while you get the job done day in and day out.

With help from Work n' Sport, you can keep your gloves in good condition. Here are the ins and outs of work glove care.

Leather Work Gloves

Leather work gloves can deteriorate for a few reasons. Leather is made from animal skin (usually deer or cow), so things that are harmful to skin can be harmful to leather gloves. Exposure to extreme heat or cold can cause the leather to dry out. UV rays from the sun and air pollution can also cause chemical damage.

The key is to not let the leather gloves dry out and crack or flake. Every week you should wipe off the leather work gloves with a rag. If there is any sticky residue, use a damp ramp or damp cloth to gently clean it off.
You should also turn the gloves inside out to wipe down the insides.

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Leather gloves can be a big investment, but their ability to withstand abrasions, cut resistance, and durability make them some of the best gloves you can find.

Taking care of leather work gloves comes down to keeping them comfortable while keeping the gloves' shape and durability.

Some leather gloves, like those made from suede or goatskin, can become stiff if dirt grinds into the material.
Applying leather conditioner can help keep the gloves moisturized and flexible, which is key to their abrasion and cut resistant qualities.

Once you've cleaned and conditioned them, they should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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Thinsulate Work Gloves

Thinsulate insulated gloves are perfect for outdoor work in cold conditions. It's a situation where you need gloves that will keep your hands warm and protect them from the bumps, scrapes, and cuts of the job at hand.

These can come in a variety of different outer layer materials. Our Thinsulate gloves are made with leather outers, so cleaning a pair of Work n' Sport Thinsulate Gloves is the same as cleaning standard leather gloves.

Thinsulate gloves will take good care of you if you take good care of them.

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Spandex Work Gloves

Spandex gloves are a whole different story. Spandex is obviously a lot more delicate than leather, but you can use detergent to clean them.

Get a small pail and fill it with cold water and a bit of gentle detergent. Submerge your gloves and scrub them gently.

This isn't the time to use a scrub brush or to overdo it with the elbow grease. Just use your hands and take your time.

After you finish giving them their bath and scrub, rinse them with more cold water and let them air dry.
Alternatively, you can wash them in a washing machine using a gentle laundry detergent, the lowest spin cycle setting, and the coldest temperature setting.

However, if your gloves have a screen printed design on them, hand washing is recommended.

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Even if you have the best gloves, taking good care of them is a must. There's an old saying that says "anything worth doing, is worth doing right," so don't forget to take an extra few minutes to maintain your workwear. You won't regret it.

At Work n' Sport, you'll find a great selection of men's work gloves, as well as everything you need to keep them in great shape for a long time. You work hard for your money, and your work gloves should work hard, too.