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Top Work Shirts for Men

Your workwear needs to work hard, just like you do. So you need durable, quality women's and men's work shirts from Work n' Sport.


Let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about top work shirts from Work n' Sport

You expect your workwear to work hard, just like you do. You also need versatility from your collction of work shirts. That's why at Work n' Sport, we carry only offer a wide variety of the toughest T-shirts, henleys, flannels, and fleeces to fit any jobsite conditions you're facing.

When it comes to men's work shirts, there are three basics every man needs: a t-shirt, long-sleeve button-up, and a hooded sweatshirt. We're here to help you find the perfect shirt to stand up to the job at hand.

There are a lot of options to choose from, and the short version is that you'll want to have a variety of work shirts including T-shirts, henleys, fleece, flannels, and sweatshirts on hand so you can pick and choose, mix and match to fit any jobsite scenario.

Work T-Shirt

When it comes to men's work clothes, a t-shirt is the first thing you need. Whether you need a moisture-wicking base layer or a t-shirt for warm days on the job, Work n' Sport has you covered.

If you need to keep small pieces of hardware or even a pen handy, look for a short sleeve work t-shirt with a chest pocket. The pocket T-shirt is a classic, relaxed, comfortable option that has endured on the farm and jobsite for decades.


When it's a little colder outside, you may want to opt for the long-sleeve pocket tee. A long sleeve work shirt is a great go-to in the fall months for an outer layer, and as a base layer in the winter months.

The main concern you probably have if you're going to roll with a T-shirt is that you want to stay comfortable. Make sure your work T-shirt is made with a comfortable fit and breathable fabric, like Work n' Sport's.

Henley t-shirts give your neck even more room to breath than a crew neck shirt. Again, these should be made with comfort in mind first and foremost, but they'll also look a little sharper for those times when you're interacting with clients or customers on the job.

A quality work t-shirt should be made to last, while still providing maximum comfort on the job.

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Long-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt

When the weather starts to get colder, it's time to throw on a long-sleeve button up shirt. If you want a lightweight workwear shirt, opt for a western shirt or a woven twill shirt.


When you have to brave the elements (or just Midwest winters) go with flannel. Some flannel is even quilt-lined, giving you extra warmth without the bulk of a winter coat.

If you need dressier workwear, you'll also want a long-sleeve button-up. The shirt can dress up any outfit, especially paired with dark jeans and dress shoes.

This is a great option for those scenarios where you might need to go back and forth from manual work or jobsite management to speaking with customers and clients, where appearances can be important.

To make it more like business attire, add a tie or pair it with some khakis. A button-up is great for layering, no matter the job setting. It's something that can get overlooked in conversations about workwear, but looks and style are a consideration when you're trying to make a good impression on clients and convey the professionalism of the work that you do.

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Sweatshirts and Fleece

Of course, colder weather also calls for hooded sweatshirts. Sweatshirts and Fleece can come in a variety of styles. A full zip will allow for easy regulation of your body temperature in a changing weather situation. Fully zipped up for cold, early mornings, and unzipped for warmer afternoons.

A durable, heavy hooded sweatshirt is great when you need to keep warm, but don't want the added bulk of a winter coat or jacket.

Pairing a short sleeve heavyweight pocket tee with a good work hoodie can give you some great versatility for those active fall jobs where you sometimes need to remove a layer to cool off once you really get rolling.
Some fleece and hooded sweatshirts even come with water repellent technology, perfect for when you're outside in the cold and rain.

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Super Brawny Flannel

An absolute essential that you might not already have in your workwear collection is a Super Brawny Flannel. This is going to be your go-to in the cooler months.

A Super Brawny Flannel is a thicker, warmer flannel that allows you to keep that iconic, timeless classic flannel work shirt look along with the warmth of a jacket, without bulkiness that hampers your range of movement.

This is a great option to keep you comfortable all day long on those days that are extra cold in the morning and still fairly cold throughout the rest of the day.

These are kind of a magical combination of the breathability of a flannel and the weather-resistance of a jacket.

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At Work n' Sport, our men's workwear is constructed with quality, so you get long-lasting, comfortable work shirts that can stand up to those 12- and 16-hour days on the job.

Take that quality construction, combine them with our honest, affordable Work n' Sport prices, and you have the kind of value you just can't get from other men's workwear brands.

You need your work gear to work for you, and our founders, Bert and Claude Blain built Work n' Sport with that core philosophy.